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Discussion in 'DVD' started by EricSm, Aug 5, 2003.

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    Aug 29, 2002
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    First off, I think this is phenominal performance and really enjoy the dvd. But, it seems to me that the audio quality ranges from excellent to muddy, particularly the vocals.

    For example: "Stay" sounds incredible. The vocals are crystal clear. Compare that to "Walk On" and it sounds like Bono is singing under water... well, not that bad, but the vocals are definetly recessed in comparison. I'm just curious if I'm special or if others have noticed that the vocal mix is sometimes forward, and other times quite recessed.

    The music itself always comes through with impact and authority, however.
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    Don't know if this gives any insight to the issue you are talking about as i have never noticed the vocals being different, but Stay was recorded on June 5th and Walk on Was recorded on June 6th. Even though the packaging says June 6th, it is actually a mix of both nights with the "Bonocam" shots during the first 2 songs are from June 9th.
    Kite is also from the 5th. so is elevation. and the video from gone switches back and forth. The whole guitar incident with Edge happened on the 5th, but the audio is from the 6th.
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    Josh Steinberg
    Which sound mix are you playing, and on what kind of system? I've noticed that the 5.1 mix on that disc doesn't sound too hot if you're listening to it through TV speakers.

    "Stay" would sound clearer because it's just one vocal track and one guitar track, compared to something like "Walk On," where you have Larry's drums, Adam's bass, and Bono and Edge's guitars and vocals. Additionally, there are a couple loops triggered by Edge, and there's a keyboard part being done by an offstage keyboardist. So there's a lot going on in there. I've never noticed the vocals sounding buried, though.

    What you might be noticing is that by the end of the evening, Bono's voice is close to shot. As he mentions earlier on the video, he just got over being very sick; it's apparent in watching the DVD that he's not 100%, so perhaps you're just noticing that.

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