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    Although I have measured the spl levels for my system a half dozen times I still find myself experimenting. My wife doesn't understand she keeps asking aren't you done yet...sounds OK to me...
    Here is where I am now. I have a denon 3802 and SPL settings (with test tone) in the front seating is right at 58db for all channels. The back row of seating (4 movie seats) drops as expected to 52db across the board. I think having dipoles helps alot in setup and evening out the readings. Now the questions:
    Question 1. I am curious just how inefficient my maggies are. What readings do some of you others get with the standard denon 3802 test tone? I am using a RadioShack digital SPL meter at 8' from FL and FR speakers.
    Question 2. Having the SPL equal across the speakers is that always best? Sometimes I find myself wanting to increase the center channel a db or 2.
    Question 3. I run my subs at a much higher level- with the test tone and all subs (4) powered I hit around 67db. Is it critical with the subs to be equal to the other speaker level or is really a personal preference?
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    you driving a ribbon speaker with a receiver......thats your first problem.your spl levels are low due to the fact the speakers are using up all the Denon's current.

    Id really consider at very least adding a multichannel amp and really a pre amp as well.

    Maggies huh...well Classe would be a good choice,maybr Rotel in the cheap.This is where all your problems alie my friend.

    I currently own the Denon avr3801 and Polk rt series speakers all the way around for theater.The spl levels I get at 0db is 84db.I set the entire system up this way.

    The Polks are 8om and 90db just about all the way around given up maby a db or 2.

    having equal spl is Ideal, but sometimes in certain room you might need to boost or cut a channel to provide for the entire seating area.

    The sub thing sounds like tipical american slam mode needs(most of us like the sub ran up)......sub's sould be felt not heard.The sub sould blend perfectly(or as close as possible) with the rest of the system meaning never calling attention to itself.

    Personal preference always come into play,you like what you like.....the maggies do lack lower end punch.

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