Problem? - Dish HD6000 receiver and Panasonic PTL300U

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  1. Peter Yang

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    Mar 19, 1999
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    I have just installed Dish HD6000 receiver and watching it through Panasonic PTL300U. Picture is great but just a couple of issues and Dish tech support line seemed not very helpful....

    Why the picture is going to black once in a while (likely once in about 5 minutes....) for about 1 sec and return? (connected through RGB)

    I changed to component video connection and I am getting worse. Picture is just like the one from "VCR with dirty head", i.e., picture is distorted with lots of horizontal line or no picture at all. I have gone through with Dish tech support all the signal testing and software and all. Everything's fine. (They think my receiver is defective and local dealer is going to give me a new receiver...)

    There is no problem if I watch (HD and SD program) through SVHS or RCA video connection. Problem is only when I use RGB (picture going black once in a while) of component connection (no picture or picture like from VCR with dirty head)

    And 2nd, is the fan in a 8VSB adapter suppose to be run 24hrs even if the receiver power off?

    Has anyone had similar problem? Panasonic 300U works fine with component connection with my Panasonic DVD.

    I am not sure where the problem coming from? Is it from my projector or Dish receiver?

    I will wait your comments. Help me please!!!

    Thanks !
  2. Scot Kight

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    My dish6000 works great with the pl-l300u projector I have.

    Still working on a proper calibration though, contrast ratios are way off from what they should be... (430:1 vs 650 or 700:1)


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