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Tim L

Second Unit
Jun 30, 1997
I hope this is the right forum for this- I have never heard PLII but my question is two-fold. First does it require 2-pair of surrounds to listen to music in PLII,(does it simulate in 7 channels?) second- how do regular CDs sound when played in PLII? Okay I have a third part- Has anyone used PLII for just watching TV movies and programs? thanks

Chuck Kent

Supporting Actor
May 29, 1999
Q-1: No DPL II is at this point, 5.1. 5 regular channels left front, center, right front, left surround and right surround. It also sends a bass signal to the subwoofer channel. All channels are fullrange except for the sub of course. Jim Fosgate, the inventor of DPL II says it can be configured for more channels than 5.1 but that's all thats out for now.

Q-2: Ask 20 users and get 20 answers. I think many sound very good. The sound I hear is more spacious. It's easier to hear individual instruments and with a live recording, it can sound like you're there! Still, some studio recordings can sound a little odd due to the band being around you. But all-in-all, I like DPL II for older 2 channel recordings.

Q-3: TV and movie viewing is DPL II's bread and butter. Original DPL was nice in it's day but DPL II is noticeably better. Having fullrange, stereo surrounds really helps. (Of course, it's not a miracle cure. DPL II can't fix a bad soundtrack.) I use DPL II Movie mode when watching broadcast 2 channel TV or DVD. Some prefer things spread out a bit more so they use DPL II Music mode (which tends to make the mono portion of the sound more spread out rather than send it all to the center speaker.) (BTW, DPL II Music mode can come hard coded with only one setting or it can come with 3 adjustable parameters. Obviously, the adjustable version can make things more to your individual liking.) FWIW, Jim Fosgate has stated that he prefers to use DPL II Music mode for his TV and DVD viewing. Apparently he wants the center channel's signal spread out a bit more too.

Hope this helps...

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