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    I have two component inputs on my HDTV, but three devices I want to use (DVD, Xbox and Motorola 5100 HDTV decoder). I am on a budget and would like to try a Radio Shack a/v selector as a possible solution, but I can't figure out how to go about setting it up.

    Bob wrote in another thread:

    Others on a budget have bought the Radio Shack 4 input audio/video selector box (15-1976) for $40 and found it works great for their PS DVD player, XBox, etc. Yes, you use the L/R/Audio jacks for the 3 component wires. This is what I'd recommend you do.

    Since I have two Component inputs I really only need to split one, so does that mean I should run the component cables from my DVD and Xbox into the a/v selector and then run another component cable from the selector out to the last remaining component in? My Receiver doesn't have any component jacks so this isn't a possibility.
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    Sounds like you already have it figured out. Let us know how the AV switcher works for you.



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