Pioneer DV-440 & DV-353 owners please help.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Darren Pillans, Jul 10, 2002.

  1. Darren Pillans

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    Feb 25, 2000
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    Hi all,

    As I live in Australia, I don't have the advantage to audition U.S. models "in the flesh", so I'd greatly appreciate your help.

    Fistly, can the Pioneer DV-440 and DV-343 play the PAL color format?

    Can they be modified to play multi region discs without the use of a screw driver?

    I've looked at the Pioneer website and the only difference I can see between the models is the 353 can't "frame by frame" in forward and reverse. I assume the 440 can.
    Surprisingly, not many low end players can do this. It's great for analysing special effects shots and editing technique. The 440 also appears to have better build quality.

    Secondly, are there any other differences between the two models?

    Lastly, can someone recommend the best site to get these players?

    Many thanks in advance.

  2. KeithH

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    Mar 28, 2000
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    Darren, the '440 and '353 cannot handle PAL-encoded discs. US players generally cannot do this. I don't know if these players are available in the UK, but the '444 is. The '444 is a pseudo-progressive-scan version of the '440. The '444 doesn't do true progressive scan, but it has, in essence, a line doubler. Still, the '444 should give you PAL playback, plus you should be able to find an all-region version from the UK. For more on the '440 and '353, go to . I believe they have both players. The '440 has been discontinued in favor of the '353, but I believe Crutchfield still has the '440.
  3. Tony Kwong

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    Jun 20, 2002
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    Well, I'm pretty sure that you can play a PAL image. I really cant be positive as currently I dont have it connected to a multistandatd tv or a projector.

    As for region issues. The 440 is able to accept a plugmod chip on the back of the unit's service connector. That does not require a screw driver.

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