Pioneer and Marantz LD players

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    I have a Marantz LV-510 and
    a Pioneer CLD-505 for sale.
    505 has coax AC-3 Out (no DTS)
    Marantz has optical digital(DTS)output (no AC-3)
    Both have S-Video out and both have auto flip
    Low plays on both.
    Asking $249 (each)including your choice of 4 of the LDs below:
    The Wild Bunch - Peckinpah - Classic
    Mutiny on the Bounty _Brando- Classic
    Camelot - Harris- Classic
    Mad Max - Gibson
    Endless Summer - Brown
    Mo Better Blues - Spike Lee
    FireStorm DTS - Howie Long
    Escape from LA - Carpenter's
    The Mission - DeNiro
    He Said She Said - Kevin Bacon
    The Music Man - Preston- Classic
    Touch of Evil - Orson Wells- Classic
    Blood on the Moon - Mitchum- Classic
    buyer pays shipping.
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    I will give you $165 for the Pionner what condition is it in?

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