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FS: Pioneer LD Player and Denon Processor/DeMod (1 Viewer)

John Wilson

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Jul 6, 1999
Item 1

Pioneer CLD-504 LD Player. This was a backup player for my CLD-704 and Elite CLD-79 players and it obviously didn't get used much.:eek: Works perfectly and is in very good condition; just a few very light surface scratches on the top. Includes remote(not original but works perfectly except no remote side switching or "last memory") and karaoke disc but no mic. Plays both sides and has AC3-RF output but no digital out.

$50 plus shipping to the lower 48.******* *******SOLD*****************

Item 2

Denon AVD-2000 Digital Surround Decoder with AC-3 RF Demodulator. Hardly used and then as just a demodulator for the CLD-504. This unit has many features beyond just a Digital processor. See this review http://www.homecinemachoice.com/revi...onAVD-2000.php

Includes remote, owners manual and original box.

For use with any A/V component with 6 channel inputs ("Dolby Digital Ready")
DDSC Digital Dolby Pro Logic decoding in digital domain
AC-3 RF input for laser disc
2 optical digital inputs
2 coaxial digital inputs
Personal Memory Plus
5 channel stereo
6 channel inputs for external processor (can be used when AVD-2000 is connected between existing A/V processor and power amplifiers in a separates system)
IS remote control
Master volume control
Cinema EQ (same function as surround re-equalization in THX systems)

To use the AVD-2000 strictly as a demodulator, simply connect the AC-3 RF coaxial output of your laserdisc player to the AC-3 RF jack on the back panel of the AVD-2000. Then connect the optical digital output on the AVD-2000 to a standard optical (toslink) digital input jack on your Dolby Digital receiver or preamp/processor. Switch the input on the AVD-2000 to "AC-3 RF", and it will demodulate the AC-3 RF signal from the laserdisc player into a digital bitstream that is compatible with the Dolby Digital decoders built into the receiver/processor. You can also connect the digital OUT from your LD player (if so equiped) to one of the digital inputs and it will auto switch between a DD disc and a DTS disc. This is the same functionality as the highly-coveted Pioneer RFD-1 DeMod.

$125 plus shipping to the lower 48.*****SOLD*****

Thanks for looking.:)

John Wilson

Supporting Actor
Jul 6, 1999
Denon AVD-2000 is SOLD.

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