picture controls on dvd player?

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  1. Matt DeVillier

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    Generally speaking, what is the best setting for the picture controls (brightness, contrast, etc etc) on a dvd player when calibrating with VE/Avia? Should I use one of the preset modes (cinema, fine, etc), or 'user' mode with all settings at '0'? I'm using a Panasonic RV-80 (an absolute steal at $150 on ebay), which I know a few people here are still using, so I'd appreciate hearing from them especially [​IMG]
    Also there is a setting under the 'user' profile of the picture controls called 'DNR'. I know what DNR does, but I don't know where the best setting would be (and the manual is no help). I'm looking to get the best possible PQ out of my Wega.
    thanks in advance
  2. Jack Briggs

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    I generally leave the picture-setting controls in a DVD player to their neutral default levels. In fact, I usually leave them along altogether.

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