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Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Randy*S, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Anyone think we'll ever get a "ultimate" set that includes the easter, valetine's etc, specials?
    Actually, as a guy I can do without the valentine's special but I'm a completeist. [​IMG]
    And, they could fit the entire "phc" on one or two dvds!
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    If you mean like the Peanuts Holiday Special that had "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas", that would be a great idea since some of the 'lesser' known holiday specials will likely never be released save on some of the "more well-known" titles. But some of them are out and available.
    -Be My Valentine, CB
    -Charlie Brown Valentine
    -It's the Easter Beagle, CB (also includes "It's Arbor Day, CB")
    -I Want a Dog for Christmas, CB (lesser known Xmas special)
    I know that a couple more specials are included on the above DVD's but I don't have my list with me to check which ones.
    There are still something like two dozen (estimating - see above) Peanuts specials that haven't been released on DVD although a few are available on VHS if you can find them.

    So bottom line - yes, want more Peanuts specials available on DVD!
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    James Perry
    My favorite is the Thanksgiving special. Snoopy & Woodstock's dinner is classic. Warm fuzzy feeling time!!

    Anyway, yeah, they should've put all the specials in a DVD set so I could place it beside my School House Rock and Fat Albert collections. No 40 year old boy should be without these. [​IMG]

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