Paramount First To Sell Disc-Free Ultraviolet

Discussion in 'Streaming and Digital Media' started by Ronald Epstein, Jan 25, 2012.

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    "Yeah we've been discussing that for 3 days now over in this thread: The number of facepalms in this move are high. -you need to have both paramount and flixster accounts and ask both permission via login to play (hellloooo DIVX) -No offline viewing -If you are a B&M store why would you continue to sell Paramount movies at all? -The digital only copies are higher cost than the DVD/Blu/Digital triple combos Fail upon fail.
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    Once again Sam you are posting incorrect information.
    1. If you purchase from Paramount, Yes there is offline viewing on the PC currently. They are working on offline iOS and Android.

    2. You login to the paramount app when you purchase and download the video to your PC and registered to you. After that my HTPC is no longer connected to the Internet and my files play just fine.

    3. Most movies are sold at BandM for a much cheaper price. Why would they care? I could see them caring if Paramount was pricing their onlines videos below cost, but the are not.

    4. You also mentioned in another thread that you could not download UV to a iPad or iOS device, that was also incorrect. I download digital UV copy to my iPad all the time and plays fine without getting permission from UV as you suggest.

    Have you used the UV product? Doesn't seem like you have.

    Im sorry that you have such disdaine for UV, not every format or ecosystem is for everyone but there are many people who are interested in UV and support is only growing. Again, like other formats, it's not for everyone, doesn't have to be.

    Did the studios get it right with UV? Maybe, maybe not it's a matter of opinion, of course.

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