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    I actually just have a question of Paramount (that is to say, of Mr. Blythe, if he chooses to respond). Why don't you list the film's aspect ratio on the packaging? It's not listed anywhere in the "special features" section, nor on the bottom of the back cover, or anywhere, actually. I believe that every other studio (with the possible exception of MGM) either states or gives an indication of what the film's aspect ratio is on the back cover of the DVD. This seems to be continuing a trend you began with your Widescreen VHS releases. I was wondering if there was an actual reason for this, or if you just figured that it wasn't necessary to have on the back, or it just hadn't occurred to anyone to list it. I must say that, when looking at a prospective purchase, I am quite interested in what aspect ratio the film is in. I'm not sure if I'm alone on this, but I am wondering why you don't list the aspect ratio. Thank you for your time.
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    Actually, it's something Paramount's done since the widescreen laserdisc days going back to the early '90's. They've never listed the aspect ratio.
    They did put that blurb on the back about "anamorphic" widescreen - and that usually meant that the movie was anamorphic scope 2.35:1, and had nothing to do with anamorphic (16x9) transfers we know of today on DVD's. If the laserdisc didn't have the word "anamorphic" in that widescreen blurb, then it was usually a 1.85:1 movie. But, even that wasn't always a reliable indication because I think they dropped the word "anamorphic" altogether from the later LD releases.
    It would be nice if they started listing the AR though.
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    Given the surprising number of titles where the listed aspect ratio is incorrect (Fox's Cast Away comes to mind) maybe Paramount figures it can't be wrong if it isn't listed. [​IMG]
    I agree, all studios should adopt a standard format for clearly showing the technical aspects of the disc (like Universal's maybe).

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