Panny AE-100 vs. Sony 11HT

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    Hi EVERYone,

    I will be using a Progressive Scan DVD player and HD Satellite. What are the major differences between the AE100 and the 11HT i.e. HD ready, 3:2 pulldown, 16:9 native, fan noise, .

    Do I require a Iscan doubler with the AE-100 ?

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    11HT has much higher resolution, 1388x768 vs 800x480 (or something like that, may have missed by a few pixels) giving a much less apparent "screen door" effect - in other words, you don't see the gaps between the pixels as readily with the VW11 as you do with the AE100 because the pixels are smaller on screen on a screen of the same size.

    Fan noise: both are very quiet.

    HD viewing: the 11HT will blow the socks off the AE100 due to resolution, I think.

    Both 16:9 native.

    Only the 11HT has 3:2 pulldown - but if you have a progressive scan DVD player, it should do pulldown for you. You don't need an iscan for either for the same reason, DVD does the interlaced-to-progressive conversion for you.

    You should also consider the Epson EMP-TW100 if you are contemplating something like the 11HT. The TW100 is, IMHO, the superior machine (16:9, 30db fan noise, faroudja DCDi processing with 3:2 pulldown etc, 1280x720 resolution, 600:1 contrast) - but I'm probably biased because I just bought that machine myself.

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