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Overscan adjustment for Sony Wega KV-32FS17 / Panasonic DVD-RV20 (1 Viewer)

Nov 23, 2001
I have a Sony Wega KV-32FS17 TV and am running a Panasonic DVD-RV20 Player with it. Using Digital Video Essentials and the service menu, I’ve gotten the overscan to 5% or under on all sides. It seems if I go any smaller (using vertical/horizontal adjustment or the ‘asp’ adjustment), I start to get jagged edges/video noise, or sacrifice a centered picture.

My first question is: are there other adjustments I can make that will minimize the ‘noisy’ edges, allowing me to ‘shrink’ the picture area a bit more?

I ask because on 16:9 enhanced 1.66:1 transfers (pillerboxed, using the TV’s ‘squeeze’ mode), I’m still not really seeing the side mattes on the image. Video Essentials is showing less than 5% overscan on the sides.

Can I minimize the overscan further, or does it sound like the DVD player is cropping the image to begin with?

Another issue: When switching between 4:3 and 16:9 modes, I’m losing a bit of picture info at top (from under 5% to right at the line) and gaining a bit at bottom (the same differential) in the 16:9 mode. The sides remain the same in both modes. On ‘tight’ 1.85 transfers (like say, Warners’ HORROR OF DRACULA), it’s pretty unbalanced-looking. Is there anything I can do in the service menu to re-center the picture area within the 16:9 frame without re-centering for 4:3 also?

Thanks for any help!
Nov 23, 2001
Related query:

I've been noticing that optional (disc-generated) subtitles have been looking a bit smeary, and that lowering the sharpness caused the actual movie image to blur. Last night I poked around with the TV's 'sshp', 'shpf', and 'ctrp' settings and found something I can't account for. Adjusting the 'shpf' to '2' or '3' (the highest adjustment) cleaned the problem right up, focusing the subtitles noticeably while not adding noise to the rest of the image (if anything it improved that too). This is consistent with a 'Tip from Mike Emery' found here:

keohi.com/keohihdtv/brandspecific/sony/sony_kpxxhs10.html (I'm not permitted to hyperlink per board rules)

Problem solved, right? Well, here's the thing. My set won't hold the adjustment! I push 'mute', then 'enter', and turn the TV off and on again, and it defaults back to '1'! I tested to see if it would hold other adjustments, which it does - just not this one!?

Does anyone have a guess what could be going on here?

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