Opinions on this set/value please...

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  1. Jason Sweet

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    Apr 2, 1999
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    Just wondering if this was worth it.It's a refurbished model but is almost a grand off the retail price. These are also on Ebay as well. Anyone have any experience or opinions on this set?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Matt Stryker

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    Oct 12, 2000
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    The bestbuy.com site has a lot of detailed pictures of it : http://www.bestbuy.com/detail.asp?e=...t=24&scat=1470
    I've seen these in somewhat calibrated conditions, and they look pretty good. If you are not space limited, I would look at some of the smaller RPTV models, specifically the 47" Panasonic and the smaller Toshiba 16:9 TVs in this range. If direct view is the way you want to go, this seems to be a pretty good set. It does not have a perfectly flat screen; some people obsess about their effect on video quality.
    It also weighs 216 lbs, so keep that in mind if you are going to move it a lot or have to pay per pound for shipping.
    The one other thing you might ask them before purchase is if you are obligated to purchase a DirecTV package to avoid a monetary penalty.

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