Okay...let's talk GPU for the car

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Ronald Epstein, Sep 27, 2003.

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    Ronald Epstein
    Had the privilidge of renting a Hertz car in
    California with a Neverlost GPU unit.

    The thing was pretty damn cool, though it had
    a tendancy not to take you on the most logical

    I was impressed with the unit so much that I
    decided I wanted to buy one. The closest thing
    to the Neverlost system is the Magellan
    found here:


    The problem? Cost is about $1600.

    Was also looking at the Garmin Street Pilot
    which can be found here:


    The problem? Still a little pricey.

    The problem is, I want the color screen, large
    viewfinder and voice prompting. With all those
    features I suppose I am going to pay a hefty price.

    Anyone know of an excellent GPS unit similar to
    the above models but a little less expensive, or,
    should I just wait another year for the prices on
    these things to come down?

    Hopefully I'll find some good advice here.
  2. NicholasL

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    Yeah, I'm afraid any halfway decent GPU (I have known them as GPS) systems are gonna cost upwards of the thousands. I have an Alpine DVD GPS system, which in itself costs about $2000 -- this was 2 years ago though. I would highly suggest you stay away from CD GPS systems, as they take FOREVER and a day to reload a different route if you stray from it's current route (unexpected road blocks or for whatever reason). Then when you factor in the cost of a screen, you're looking at another thousand or two.

    In my opinion though, they are an awesome investment if you take road trips (as most units have the entire US and Canada loaded onto them), drive around to wherever the spirit takes you alot, or simply want the peace of mind knowing that wherever you go to, you can always rest assured that you can get home easily, safely, and mindlessly...after all, almost all these GPS units talk to you "next left, or freeway onramp in a quarter mile." And it's usually in a nice attractive female voice too.

    Plus, don't forget that these CD/DVD navigation units can be loaded with a different country disc if you ever decided to take your car abroad.

    The cost for these things probably will (if not have been slightly) going down, since many mid-level cars (like the Accord) are now offering GPS units as packaged options.
  3. John_MackieBass

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    my boss won a garmin street pilot...and I must say ITS AWESOME! He uses it for bicycling when he goes on LOOONG treks...
  4. Aaron H

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    Check out the new Garmin 2610. Color, touchscreen, all te cool stuff. And the best part is that it can be had for around $800. I'm definitely buying one when teh new truck arrives.


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