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    Okay, I'm finally ready to type my more in depth thoughts on the film. Peter, I did have to go to LA to see this (although I made sure that some business I needed to take care of their fell on the date of this film's release, so it wasn't to just see the film), but believe me, this film was worth ALL of the trouble I went through to see it! IRREVERSIBLE is a 5 star masterpiece, and is one of my new favorite films of all time! Simply astounding film, and I am very pleased that my anticipation was greatly rewarded!

    This film was EXTREMELY disturbing, and is easily one of the most disturbing films I have seen. I also found the camera work itself to be disturbing at points, as it pans around everywhere, and that added an even larger depth of chaos to the film than was already present.

    IRREVERSIBLE's scenes before all hell breaks loose offer us a sincerely poignant and fragile love story, and these scenes are so truly pleasant and light-hearted, that they make what happens before them in the film's structure (after them in the film's reality) all the more heartbreaking, devestating, and disturbing. It is truly saddening seeing these characters so happy before their lives are basically destroyed forever, and we even learn that Alex was probably pregnant, which makes it even more horrific

    The rape scene was so very painful to watch, but that was the whole point, to present the cold, hard reality of something that happens constantly in this dark and grim world of our's. It is also truly sad that a man walks into the tunnel and sees the rape taking place, yet he simply walks away and does nothing about it. It shows the sad facts of humanity, and I thought that man wasn't much better than the rapist himself.

    The scene at the beginning in the gay bar where Le Tenia's friend gets mangled with the fire extinguisher is extraordinarily graphic, and the camera once again doesn't cut away, showing the man's face literally disintegrate as it is bashed repeatedly, and it had me flinching big time. Le Tenia deserved to pay dearly IMO, and its a shame that they got the wrong man, and that the bastard got clean away with the godawful act he comitted. It showcases how primal rage can be though, and makes the film all the more powerful.

    This film is one of the most powerfully effective films I've seen. Hell, this isn't just a film, its an experience! I tip my hat to Noe, and this film is hands down one of my new favorites. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The cumulative effect of this film is staggering, as I haven't been able to get it out of my head for the last 3 days. Perhaps the most horrifying *experience* I've ever had in a movie theater, a film which made me feel in real time, the animal instincts which truly guide humanity. By reversing the chronology of his tale, Noé uncovers *truths* by forcing the viewer to viscerally experience the abyss, while becoming reflective of it too. This film scars because of how it affects one's perception of humanity. It makes me fear the "other", while looking in the mirror too! Make no mistake, this is not an easy film to shake.

    My recollection of this film is something psychologically experienced, not seen.

    Gaspar Noé is a genius.

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