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Newly acquired RCA HDV5000 questions and request for official RCA firmware (1 Viewer)

HDDVD Hunter

Nov 27, 2021
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John R
I just got a rarely seen RCA HDV5000 off of ebay marked as "non-working/as-is" since it was locking up on the seller when he tested it with 2 HD DVD discs (Backdraft and V for Vendetta). After asking a few questions like which movies was he testing it with thinking it might have been disc rot and if the exhaust fan working or not I decided to pick it up for just under $80. That's alot for a paperweight but it's not if it works. I was pretty confident that I could diagnose the issue and possibly fix it. So I got it today and plugged it up and was able to replicate the issue with 3 of my own titles to various results but a 4th movie worked just fine. After testing the machine I checked and I think I found the issue. It's still on the original 1.0 fw which had the same problems that both the seller and I have seen. I know that I can update it with the official Toshiba firmware but then I lose the "RCA" loadscreen and I would like to keep it completely intact since I'm trying to collect all stand alone players (and remotes) for my collection (I already have 8 different players). So this is where I ask if anyone out there knows where I can find the official RCA firmware. I am aware there is a 1.4 fw and a 2.0 fw but not sure on that one. Thanks for any help.

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