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    Hello everyone, I think I need some help.

    I first purchased a Panasonic home theater in a box. WOW what a disappointment.

    I returned that unit and bought the following

    Receiver- Yamaha 5550

    DVD / CD - Panasonic DVDCV52

    Speakers- Polk Audio RM6200

    The help I need is in the hooking up of the components.

    I am going to use the optical out on the dvd/cd to the dvd optical in on the receiver.

    Should I plug the S video into the receiver as well , or do I plug that into the tv?

    I have about a 6 year old 41" Sony.

    This is what I had planned

    Satellite RCA out to TV
    DVD optical to receiver---S Video to TV

    Then I still have my VCR to hook up.

    The salesman suggested I run everything into the receiver, including the satellite.

    If I do this though, doesn't the receiver have to be on every time I watch TV ?

    Basically I need detailed instructions on how to set this up. The Yamaha book isn't that instructive.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    Give this a quick read and if you have any other questions, we can answer for you.
  3. Bill Kane

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    I started a hook-up response, then thot I'd first ask:

    1. Obviously you will want the receiver ON with DVD/CD. You will connect the S-Video to the Yamaha DVD IN and another appropriate length of S-Video from rcvr's MONITOR OUT to the tv S-Video IN. Since the tv probably has just one S-Video IN terminal, we have to figure using the rcvr video switching if there's a conflict with any S-Video from the SAT box. What outputs does the SAT STB have besides an cabletv type black coax?

    2. The next issue is: dont you want to watch/listen to SAT tv thru the rcvr and the Polk speakers? However, yes, you can hook this up even with a VCR to bypass the receiver to use the tv-only speakers -- say for kids' programs, or if the spouse doesnt want to operate the Yamaha/Polk system just yet.

    3. A third issue is whether the VCR's internal comb filter is better than the tv's -- is it a good Hi-Fi 4- to 6-head one or a $99 Costco?


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