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Daniel T.

Apr 29, 2003
Friend linked me here, he is building a tummolt(sp?) sub, and he's the evil entity that got me into high-end stereo. I won't bore y'all with questions just as yet, that search feature will keep me busy for awhile I'm sure. Just kinda wanted to feel the place out, and say hi.

Oh, here is whats I got:
Boston VR series(M60 mains, MX surrounds PV1000 sub, and the VR series center...all of em are the Lynnfield "type")
Marantz 5200 amp
Pioneer DV45-A shiny disc spinner.
A set of cat5 hand braided wires(mains and center)
Some monster cable for the surrounds
Discovery interconnects....dunno about these, not to happy with em.

All in all, I'm happy with the setup, my room is horrendus tho. Bright as heck, wiggly floors, does make the sub fun durinng movies, but overall acoustics bite.

Look forward to learning lots here. Hope I can be of some assistance as well. Y'all take it easy eh?

David Preston

Supporting Actor
Mar 23, 2003
Welcome any of your questions can be answered here. I have asked a lot and always got very detailed and informative answers. David

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
All in all, I'm happy with the setup, my room is horrendus tho. Bright as heck
There are several types of acoustical treatments that can solve the brightness depending if they are acceptable to the decor. A simple solution is to use 1" thick compressed fiberglass panels and cover them with a fabric that goes with your interior. These panels will then go in specific areas of your room depending on the layout and listening position.

A bulkier solution is to construct your own high end fiberglass panels that are 4" thick made of fiberglass batting. There are also some bass traps that can made to help equalize the bass.

If you really want some thoughts, you'll have to include room dimensions, where the listener and speakers (sub especially) are located, and perhaps some pics of the room itself.

Have you tried baby powder to fix the floors if they creak? I saw that on a Lowes commercial. :)

My site has pictures of the DIY acoustic projects I've used and my reviews.

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