New theatre Project trying to keep around 6 Grand

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by todd21, Oct 30, 2011.

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    Hey guys I'm a novice here but just bought a new home and it has a nice theatre room all wired up for a 7.1 system and would like some help doing it right the first time! This is what I have decided to spend the money on... What do you all think? Pioneer VSX-1021-k Receiver about $550 Epson 8700 UB projector $2,000 Elite 120' fixed frame $350 Klipsch x2 RF-82s $950 Klipsch RC-62 $430 Klipsch RS-42 x2 $420 Klipsch RB-61 x2 $415 SVS sub PB12-NSD $770 Blueray player? open to suggestions... I have never purchased expensive audio equipment before and really have no brand loyalty to Klipsch it just seems to be a good company with good value speakers for the price... I would def like to hear alternatives that could make my money go a little further... The reason I was thinking This particular AVR is that it has Airplay and I could use my Ipad as a universal Remote... One Problem I am wondering about is that my theatre is wired so all the electronics are stored in a room behind the theatre... Would I need to get a universal remote to be able to control the theatre that works through walls?
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    Listen to them before buying. Klipsch is a love it or hate it brand (and sometimes model).

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