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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Chad Isaacs, Sep 9, 2003.

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    I am soon going to be moving into a smallish apartment,actually,the apartment its self is large but the living area is...quite small,probably 10x12...if that.Because of the way the walls accomadate a hall way what ever speakers I choose will probably have to be mounted high on the wall,close to the celing then angeled down towards the listeing position.

    Until a few months ago I had an entire Klipsch set up,Sf-2,sc-1 and sb-1 as the rears.I came upon a hard time financially and speakers vs bills and food...a no brainer,especially with kids.Plus the fact that I am getting more inteested in music than movies and alotof the movies I watch theese days are not action packed with much more than a mono track.I would consider going to a 2 channel setup but I do really want to get into dvda/sacd so thats not going to happen.I would also like to plan for bigger rooms and with 6 channel recievers pretty much being the norm theese days,I have decided to just get 3 pairs of identical speakers.

    Here is where I need some help.I still have my SVs sub,it has not sold,I am not sure wether or not it is for sale anyway...

    So I need speaker help.I have looked/listend to Polk,Jbl and I am planning to go check out Paradigm Atoms sometime this week.I would like the total for the 6 speakers to fall in or around the $600 price point and they need to be small in size but have good musicial that possible?Any suggesitions?I have also toyed with doing in wall speakers all the way around,I will be renting however I know the owner and he would probably allow it and there is an attic above the room so wiring would not be a big issue,I would almost consider doing an i/b sub but the attic will also be my kids room so....

    So what are any thoughts here,am I expecting too much,what are some speaker brands I am over looking here?

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    Atoms will do you fine, three pairs at 189/pr, if you can talk them down a little in addition, should be around that 600 price range. Relatively small, and a great value.
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    At this price point, I'd say the Atoms are a good choice, but you will also want to consider 6 of the Axiom M2Ti, as I have found the Axioms to be better for music. Unfortunately, they are a bit more expensive than the Atoms, but shipping is included.

    Try to talk the Paradigm dealer into selling you Titans instead. I was able to get my v3 sheilded Titans for $189/pr brand new.

    Another very musical speaker that you can look around for used are the NHT Super One and Super Zero.

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