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    Ok, I'm new to home theater. I consider myself fairly technical, but I've encountered a situation I can't figure out. Specifically, I can't get the video output from my VCR to display through the receiver to the TV/Monitor. Here's my set-up:

    Marantz SR-9200 A/V Receiver
    Marantz MV-5100 VCR
    Sony KP-61HS30 TV/Monitor

    I have the standard cable to the TV through the VCR. Everything seems to work with the VCR and TV on set on Channel 3 (without using the A/V Receiver).

    The VCR is connected to the A/V Receiver with Monster Stereo Cables and Monster S-Video Cables(in and out - and yes they are connected properly).

    The connection from the A/V Receiver to the TV/Monitor is a Monster component video cable.

    Here's my dilemma. I tried to copy a DVD to VHS. The audio recorded fine but I had no video. I played the tape through the A/V Receiver and directly to the TV (through the cable) with the same results. OK, I figure that even though the manuals say this should work I figure it's the DVD's copy protection that's causing the problem. So I played a pre-recorded VHS tape in the VCR. Again, through the cable to the TV on channel 3 everything works fine. However, when I tried to play the tape through the A/V Receiver, I get the audio but no video (yes I changed the TV to the component video input). So now I'm thinking I have a problem with the S-Video connections between the VCR and A/V Receiver. I relocated all the connections on the A/V Receiver from VCR-1 to VCR-2 and got the same results. Can't imagine that the S-Video in/outputs are bad on both VCR connections, so I route the stereo and S-Video output from the VCR directly to the TV's front input. I reset the TV's input to the front, play the tape and everything works fine!

    Is it possible that the S-Video inputs for both VCR connections on my A/V Receiver are bad? I've checked all the settings/programming but can't find anything that deals directly with the VCR video connections. Have I missed something here? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    Does the Marantz receiver convert S-Video INPUTS to COMPONENT output?? If not, there's no way to get everything you have running via S-Video into the receiver to show up on your TV via the compnent...If you use S-Video IN to the receiver, then it has to be S-Video OUT to the TV to work.

    Of course if the receiver is capable of converting the signal(?) then my point is moot.

    Also, you won't be able to copy any DVD to VCR tape. Macrovision will block that.

    Good luck!
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    Neil Joseph
    What Alf said.

    Connect an s-video cable from your receiver to your TV and you should see your signal. If you do not have enough video inputs on your TV (assuming you have other stuff to hook up), then hook all of the video inputs to your receiver, then take the corresponding video outputs (composite, s-video, component as needed) from the receiver to your TV.

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