My only XBox grips thus far is....

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    The controller cord: the way it wants to tangle upon storage. My N64 and PS1 cord's did this also.[​IMG] How does everyone roll up, put away, or store the controllers so that the cable is neat and not tangled up? So just to clarify, we roll the cord around the controller during storage. :usa:
    After I read this I thought to my self, WOW, that the only gripe so far, That's pretty Nice [​IMG]
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    Well, I too, roll the controller cords. In what sense do you mean tangled up? Because I don't recall ever being able to make a perfect coil with ANY controller cord that I had. But in a matter of the kinks that originally come in the controller cord, I worked those puppies out (to the best of my abilities) kind of smoothening them out little by little. After that, I coil the controller up when not in use and it seems to make a pretty good coil. If you wish to take the kinks out of the controller wire, it might take you a while. I know that it took me a while to do so and it's still not perfect. Anyway, I hope that this helped!


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    I understand what you're saying. This happens with all consoles. What I reccommend is removing the controller from the port, then rolling it, then reconnecting it to the port for storage (if you want it plugged in). When you start to play another game, you should remove the controller from the port, unravel the cord, then plug it back in.

    What I do is take the cord and fold it into half, then half again, and so on until I like the size, then I just put the controller on the cord to hold it down (this way, it doesn't coil around itself when I try to play games again).

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