"MS Freestyle" Next Gen Processing (et al)

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    This is one of those threads that fits into four different areas (Display, Sources, Comp, and here[​IMG]
    HDTV standards still being set, DVI on new TVs being offered, Firewire compatibility as a streaming source and upgrade source, and now this...
    Come this holiday season we should begin to see the first wave of this new step. It will be a series of A/V Receivers, Televisions, DVD players, that all have have processors (Intel engines) running Win-XP within.
    A start menu will be accessed through an infrared pointing device, similar to a mouse. From here, Media Player 9.0 will be accessible, due to be released next month.
    Samsung, NEC, and HP are working with MS on this.
    It takes someone with deep pockets to set the standards. MS appears to have tired of waiting for someone else to pick up the ball and run with it.
    The consumer isn't fashioning their own "wired home" as envisioned. This isn't surprising given consumers want to be the "users" of the product, not the "developers".
    It's easy to slam the participants as somewhat less than the elite in HT circles. There is however a broad "branding" appeal here to a large segment of consumers. As an example, Samsung is finally stepping up and delivering solid products of late. HP owns Compaq now.
    With MS funding "Freestyle", we should expect this to be more than "some off the wall idea that won't go anywhere." Joe Six Pack may very well like the idea of pulling videos up on Joe Montana or The Dallas Cheerleaders while watching MNF.
    We all know that convergence has been preached for years. To say it will never happen is simply wearing blinders. The question of course has always been "when?"
    There is a VERY good chance that this will be the catalyst to move forwards.
    The manufacturers will respond based upon demand. If it is accepted very quickly, the obsolescene of current receivers/processors in the upper echelon of H/T is imminent.
    (not to mention your TV, DVD player, CD Player, Sat/Cable Box, etc).[​IMG]
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    Xbox2 will, more than likely, integrate all of this. It has the best chance of brining Freestyle to the masses.
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