Monster power products - differences - help!?!?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dan Kolacz, Apr 12, 2002.

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    After realizing I have about $5000 tied up in my equipment, I decided I am going to buy a Monster surge supressor/conditioner.

    I am considering Monster because a relative gets great prices on them.

    The models I can purchase are:

    HTS 2500

    HTS 2600

    HTS 3500

    HTS 3600

    HTS 5000

    These range in price from lower to higher.

    Any must-have features one of these has over the other one?

    Why would one buy one over the other?

    Anyone who owns one of these care to comment?

  2. Bill Kane

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    I understand your desire for wire neatness[​IMG]
    You've already been swamped with the technical stuff (I wrote the primer on surge protectors elsewhere copied to you).
    Elsewhere in the forum, you've received good advice on living with the catv signal you get and requesting the cable provider to see you're getting the best signal even if it means they run new drops. Living in an apartment as you say, I dont know how that networks, but it's worth seeing that all your connections are optimum.
    NOW, since you have a "deal" with Monster boxes, I think you'll do fine with the 2500 or newer 2600 ($110 more retail). Here's a tech sheet on This Model
    As you see, it's made like an amplifier chassis, so that means putting it in an equipment rack or entertainment center that has sufficient shelves with room or spaces for wires to run out the back.
    It's not clear if you are just building a system (I see you asking about Sony AVRs) or upgrading. In any case, the Monster 2500 will 95 percent act as your electrical surge protector. The other 5 percent MAY clean up some signal interference on audio/visual cabling; that's just a bonus IMO.
    I would say you must run the CATV black cable in/out of the terminals provided, for 100 percent system protection. On the cable modem end, again you really need a computer station surge protector that also has an identical cable terminal in/out. You may already be there.
  3. Chu Gai

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    I can appreciate your concern for the equipment that you own and your desire to protect your investment. While I'll reserve comment on the Monster units I believe there is another factor that you need or should examine with regards to your 'investment' and that is homeowners/renters insurance. In all likelihood, such as in the event of theft or damage to your equipment from outside sources (lightning, power surges, fire...etc.) it will be your personal insurance that will be primary in coverage. To that end it is my recommendation that you examine your existing coverage and speak to your local agent to best determine policy riders or modifications. Often for a few extra dollars, you'll be able to ensure that in situations as were mentioned above, your equipment will be replaced with a similar or exact unit. I'd stay away from 'fair market value' replacement.

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