Mistu WT-46809 - Just out of box, what do I do now?

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    I just bought a Mistu 46809. It is a really beatiful set. I just took this thing out the box and am wondering what do I do now?

    I know that there are several things I should do to it to fine tune it...so would you all "experts" help me to do this, or point me somewhere that will help me get the most out the TV... ISF Cali is out of the question right now, I can't afford it unless one you guys will do it for cheap (
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    Oct 20, 1999
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    You need to wait for a while before considering any type of professional calibration. It's usually wise to wait a minimum of 100 hours burn-in time, since the convergence will tend to drift for the first few weeks.

    To start, try turning down brightness, contrast, sharpness, all below 50% and experiment from there. You can buy the Avia or Video Essentials DVDs which will help you get it set up. There are no 'correct' settings, everyone's viewing environment is different, you have to go with what looks right to you.
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    First, turn that contrast way, way down -- shoot for the area of 30% to 35%. Half (according to most) is simply not enough, for several reasons.

    Then, do your best to adjust other settings accordingly. Eyeball for now, based on that new lower contrast setting.

    Sharpness, should probably be well below the 50% mark. My Mits has it at about 20%.

    Brightness, probably start at about 50%, and work your way DOWN. This one depends a great deal upon the lighting in the room (windows, day or night, lamps, any ambient light etc.) It is best to set this at the time of day when you do the most watching. Day? Night?

    Turn off any Iris.

    Set color and tint as best you can, by eyeballing it. The problem here is the best settings (with nice, BRIGHT colors), also probably means the faces are sunburned. Later it is possible to try to eliminate the red push. For now, you can simply reduce the COLOR menu command until it is at a level you can stand.

    Noise reduction should probably be set to OFF.

    Video Noise should probably be turned to "Standard."

    Color Temp should be set at "Low 6500K"

    And, as to the TV Image Type, the choices are "Film" or "Video." This one depends on the signal you are watching, so set it for what you will be watching the most. If it is movies (on that input) set it to "Film." If it is cable TV, or satellite, or over the air television programs, for that particular input, set this to "Video" on that input.

    Go into your "SETUP" menu., and see if there is an item about "Black levels," or "Black Enhancement," or something similar. Set this to "off."

    For ALL of the settings above, you must repeat each for every input you have hooked up. Switch to satellite (if you have it) and perform these adjustments. Then, pop in a DVD, and switch to this, and repeat. Do the same for any other signals (over the air, laserdisc, VCR, etc.) They are not global, and must be done individually.

    I recommend that you get a calibration disc as soon as possible. Avia is the best, and the most complex, IF you consider yourself a bit of a videophile. It is also the most expensive. There are others, if $40 sounds way too high. Probably any will do. As soon as you get it, run your set through these basic calibrations, They are safe, even in this early period.

    Later, if you are brave, or curious, there are a host of do it yourself possibilities. However, most of these need to wait, until you have passed that initial 100 hours of burn.

    In the meantime, your picture should actually improve, during these first weeks. So, relax, and enjoy.


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    Here is a link to the most comprehensive site on the net:
    Tweak until your heart is content. BTW, ISF makes all the difference in the world. So save up those pennies and have it done, you will not be sorry. [​IMG]

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