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Andy Hardin

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 14, 2000
I know I have read some posts here in the past and have tried to use the search function with no success, but I would like to hear from Mame users and those who have made a Mame cabinet.
You could say I am looking for a winter project and this would be a fun one to tinker with.
Right now I just have been playing with the emulator and [email protected] front end. I have seen the HotRod joystick panel and everything I have seen says it is the way to go (even with the price). What are some of your experiences? For those of you that have gone with the home built joysticks and buttons, how has that worked?
Basically, I just want to hear from those of you that are experienced with this, and some pointers to good resources on the web. I guess I am more concerned with the physical aspects as I can get the games to run fine with the front end.
Thanks for all of your input!
(Oh, and of course I would own the ROM board if I used it in my emulator!)


May 24, 2001
Love my MacMAME!
Wish I had the patience to construct a cabinet for it. Good luck in your quest.

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Andy Hardin

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 14, 2000
While looking around online, I have found the Hotrod for $158. I know of an arcade supply store in the area and I think I will check them out to see if they have any empty/non working cabinets and build around that. If not, no big deal, as this is something I need to work in to anyway.
I think if I start with the Hotrod and hook that into my home PC (which I use for gaming anyway) that will give me a feel for what I need in a cabinet.
The other thing I need to look in to is working a steering wheel/pedal combo in the controls as well, as I am a huge driving game fan.
So much to learn, I appreciated the posts so far. Let me know if anyone has any experience with a wheel as well...


Second Unit
Jul 19, 2000
2 guys named Andy who reside in Illinois who are interested in MAME cabinets?? What are the odds??
Here's a link to my scratch-built MAME cab:
There are also more pics of it in my home theater page located in my sig.
It was a lot of fun to build and I love having that thing in my home.
I second the Build Your Own Arcade site as being the best.
Oh, I also bought the joystick and buttons from Happs. They are located here in IL also! In fact, you can see their sign when driving south on 90 from the suburbs.
If you have any specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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