Looks like CD prices may be coming down...

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Todd H, Dec 30, 2001.

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    The story is here. If the prices do come down to $9.99 a cd, I'll be buying a lot of new music in the coming year!
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    I will believe it, when I see it.

    Anyway, to me, it all comes down to how bad the profits thing REALLY is for the Music Industry, and what is fake here.The tip off is they use a respected industry research group to make the statement that...

    "`It looks like it will be another year of flat CD sales and I think to some degree that's got to be attributed to the fact that there's so much music available online,' Tom Adams, president of entertainment industry research and consulting firm Adams Media Research said.`I also think (the price cutting) is also as much to do with the fact that the economy is terrible and holiday sales were off overall,' he told Reuters."

    These guys are still lamenting Napster, when it is they themselves who are the blame, and THERE JUST ISN'T ANY GOOD PRODUCT BEING PRODUCED, TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY IT! Even established artists...Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, etc....have been releasing mediocre music for us to buy. There are no heavy sales, because there just isn't any product to buy !!!!!

    The industry itself has been concentrating on raising music prices and spending money to integrate the new online technoligies to report music sales, establish online music sales outlets, and create copy protection technology, the industry itself has been consolidating all of the independent music companies and making money hand over fist in company takeovers.

    I feel it's just a temporary sales hype thing to grab some last minute recovery for an extrodinarily slow year due to the unanticipated events of 9/11, which sent panic ripples through every industry, just not music buying.

    Just because one Virgin retail store and HMV online discount titles for Christmas means NOTHING to me. It's a signal of NOTHING, and just a way to grab last minute huge sales for the end of the year. This move will have absolutely no long term effect except sprur customers to shop...not to buy, unless the prices are there a long time for us AFTER the holidays.

    You and I already know where we shop, why we shop there and what we want to buy. If the product that we buy is not at a lower price than it usually is when we get into that store, we aren't going to buy MORE music that's not discounted too. This isn't going to change, and the prices aren't going to change SUDDENLY for us. It just doesn't happen this way.

    So walk don't run to that favorite music outlet. If it happens at all, we won't see it as soon, or if EVER, as this article suggest.

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