Looking for a stereo A/B receiver with optical input (for digital video editing)...

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by David Lawson, Sep 12, 2005.

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    David Lawson
    I'm trying to determine the best way for setting up the "listening" portion of a DIY video editing suite at my workplace. All editing will be done on a Power Mac G5 with optical and analog audio outputs. I'm open to any suggestions, but what (I think) I need is a receiver with the following features:

    - Optical (S/PDIF) input
    - A/B speaker outputs: one for studio monitors, one for "regular" bookshelves

    Let me know if I'm totally off the mark. Is there any point to using the optical output on the G5? We will never do surround mixes; audio will almost always be voiceover and music beds. Nothing has been purchased yet, and I would prefer to put more money towards the speakers, so the receiver doesn't need to be much. Thanks!
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    The advantage to using the optical out is it removes the analog signals from the Mac environment. Also, I'm sort of morally opposed to 'mini' connectors for just about any use.

    So what I would suggest is a low-end (
  3. Philip Hamm

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    Few if any stereo receivers have a digital input. You'll probably need to get an AVR with Dolby and DTS and use it in stereo mode.

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