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looking for a new receiver (help me out :) ) (1 Viewer)

Feb 22, 2002
OK so i've had a really basic setup in the past. A panasonic 5.1 receiver with basic functionality and a regular TV

Now i'm going to be buying an HDTV ( a used one, i dont have too much money) and i'm looking to use component video cables for my feed into the tv
I'm from the world of car audio so HT is obviously not my speciality

What i will be hooking up to the TV ---->
super nintendo console (composite input)
XBox console (component or svideo) + digital audio hookup
(xbox will be playing my DVD's)
DVD player with component output + digital audio hookup
output from computer for audio (composite/RCA)

Budget is really going to be ~300 i have no problems buying online on ebay or refurbished or anything.

Speaker setup is the following

center: infinity video 1 (100rms)
fronts: infinity sl-30 (150rms)
rears: infinity reference (100rms)
sub: JBL e250p (powered 250watt)
(so i'll just be running 5.1, it's in an apartment)

I am looking something pioneer denon onkyo yamaha that sort of stuff hopefully 80x5 or more.... any thoughts what might fit me the best?

Dan Hitchman

Senior HTF Member
Jun 11, 1999
The Onkyo TX-SR504 might just fit the bill for $300 (MSRP). It has the current features and 7.1 channel processing and is XM satellite "ready." Onkyo has rated pretty accurately their amplifier output according to some reviews I've read so 75 wattsx7 should be pretty close.

I wouldn't spend more for a receiver right now as they will be outfitted with the newest high resolution formats from DTS and Dolby (better stuff including lossless audio support) and HDMI version 1.3 inputs pretty soon.

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