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    Howdy, I've got these laserdiscs for sale...asking $10.00 each, or (preferably), will sell all 15 for $100.00. All are in good to excellent condition. I'd also ask that the buyer pay for shipping;
    Jurassic Park (Letterboxed, Dolby Surround, THX)
    Independence Day (Widescreen, Dolby Digital, THX)
    Darkman (Letterboxed, Dolby Surround)
    Caddyshack (Full Screen, Digital Stereo)
    The Abyss (Widescreen, Dolby Surround)
    Big Trouble In Little China (Widescreen, Dolby Surround)
    Terminator 2 SE (Extra 16 minutes of footage incorporated in the film, THX, Dolby Surround, Widescreen)
    Kalifornia (Unrated version, Widescreen, Dolby Surround)
    One False Move (Widescreen, Dolby Surround)
    The Lost World (Widescreen, THX, Dolby Digital)
    The Long Kiss Goodnight (Widescreen, Dolby Digital)
    The Exorcist (Original Version, Full Screen, Dolby Surround)
    Men In Black (Widescreen, Dolby Digital, THX)
    The Untouchables (Widescreen, Dolby Surround)
    An American Werewolf In London (Widescreen, Dolby Surround)
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