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Klipsch Promedia 4 channel THX PC speakers, $200 shipped! (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Sep 1, 1998
Klipsch Promedia 4 channel THX PC speakers, $200 shipped!
Exactly one year old. Cost almost $300 a year ago. Absolutely like new. Had a problem with either the preamp module or sub module (right channel cut in and out) so Klipsch being the awesome folks that they are sent be a brand new sub module and a new CP-1 preamp! Hooked them up last night and they sound awesome. The original ver2-400’s came with a different preamp and the CP-1 can be had extra from Klipsch and costs $50 alone. This set now has the same preamp as the current 4.1 set. See below for feature list. Selling because my impatience during their absence caused me to go out and buy a set of the new Logitech Z-560’s. Have original manual, receipt and will ship in the box Klipsch sent me the new sub module in. These speakers at 400watts will blow your PC room doors off. Can be used with a (2) channel sound card with a simple mini plug y-adapter.
You get:
(4) satellite speakers
(4) speaker leads, (2) front & (2) rear
(1) CP-1 preamp module
Features include:
·Headphone jack for private 2-channel listening.
·MP3/Portable Music Player input jack, with front L/R channel soundcard mixing function.
Speaker Engagement switch with two-color LED status indication (green/red).
(1) sub module with amps built in
(1) original manual
Total system frequency response: 29-20,000 Hz
Maximum acoustic output: 110dB SPL at listening position
Amplifier headroom: 4 x 60 watts, Satellites
1 x 160 watts, Subwoofer
Satellite impedance: 4 ohms minimum
THX-Certified® to deliver breathtaking audio performance
Four-hundred watts of real-world music power drive four satellites and a vented dual 6.5" subwoofer
Satellite Speakers
Sealed elliptical enclosure two-way system with 0.75" polymer dome tweeter mated to MicroTractrix Horn. Midbass driver is 3" long throw design with advanced fiber-composite cone and urethane surround for high output.
Subwoofer Enclosure
Bass-reflex MDF enclosure with front port and dual side-firing active 6.5" drivers (long throw design). Flared tuned port for enhanced bass coupling and deepest system tuning. Sixth-order design allows for high output, low distortion bass while minimizing excursion.
BASH® (Bridged Amplifier/ Switching Hybrid) design with high efficiency/ high output power. Discrete MOSFET power section for high current, maximum dynamic headroom.
Satellite (including bracket): 8.5" H x 4.2" W x 5.67" D
Subwoofer: 9.25 H x 10.25 W x 13 D
Net Weight
System: 28.2 lbs. (12.8 kg)
Satellites (each): 2.1 lbs. ( .95 kg)
Satellites w/ volume control: 3.31 lbs. (1.49 kg)
Subwoofer: 17.5 lbs. (7.95 kg)
From AnandTech: “Who is the king of the 4.1 speaker hill? Obviously, Klispch. No one has this kind of power and sound quality in 4.1 speakers for the PC. As I am sitting here writing this, I am listening to music and thinking, why couldn't we have had this a few years ago? If you have ever seen one of those charts with cromagnon man on one end walking on all fours and then someone looking more like you or I on the other upright, that is how I think of the PC speaker revolution. At one end you have two speakers that total no more than 15 Watts and then a set of Promedias on the other, totaling 400 Watts of crisp, clean, knock-your-socks-off sound. For their outstanding sound quality and power, the Klipsch ProMedia v.2 - 400 speakers are awarded the AnandTech Gold medal.”
See http://www.gamersdepot.com/hardware/...promedia_a.htm
Email me days at [email protected] evenings at [email protected]
Shipping of this monster set included. All lovingly boxed up and ready to go.
Payment by PayPal my preferred method.
Thanks Randy J. Fisher

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