Klipsch KT-LCR; Sansui TU S77x; Sansui Model 2000; Pioneer SA 6700. All must go!!!

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    Hello all,

    (edit Price Reduction!!!!!)

    I like many here have accumulated too many audio devices that I do not use in my life. So I am thinning the herd, but do not think that I am only picking off the weak and sick.

    (edit) I would prefer if someone local could come and pick it up and pay me that way rather than PayPal.

    Klipsch KT-LCR (one) THIS IS NOT A PAIR! The speaker is in kinda rough shape, when I acquired it, it had been stripped of its black paint and refinished rather poorly. the grill is torn and one of the woofer surrounds has a little tear in it. It sounds... well like a Klipsch should. Clear and precise. As it is a little bit of a fixer upper I will sell it for $85 75+ Shipping

    Sansui Model 2000 This monster is in beautiful shape. Walnut case is in great condition. When I first got it I had to replace some transistors, very simple just unscrew in the back and swap. I believe one of the bulbs on the tuner is out. But the other two bulbs are still bright. Everything works to my knowledge, I just took it out of my main system about a week ago and everything was great. Will sell for $150 125+shipping

    Sansui TU S77x This description will be short because this item is as close to perfect as I have seen in an used item. Will sell for $40+Shipping

    $OLD Pioneer SA6700 This guy is a great unit. Perfect for a bedroom system or a dorm room as it is smaller than most and has plenty of power 30W. It is also more beautiful than most. I with the help of an expert wood worker pulled off the fake vinyl and replaced it with Figured Birds-Eye Maple. It runs strong with no static in the pots. One of the VU meters has a bulb out. Will sell for $OLD+shipping

    Sony CDP-215 Works well minor wear and mostly just finger grease. Lightly used. Will sell for $25+Shipping

    (I will upload pictures tomorrow I hope.) Pictures uploaded. The order is the Pioneer Amp, Sansui Tuner, Sony CD, Sansui Reciever, lots of pictures of the Klipsch Speaker

    Payment will be PayPal.

    I wont look up shipping for you unless you purchase. My Zip is 14527.

    For those who might be in the area I am in Penn Yan NY

    If something is not as described I will pay to have it shipped back to me
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    I am interested in the sansui tuner....please give me a call or send an email

    Curtis 775 722 6342

    [email protected]


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