JBL N24 For My PC

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by David Proud, Apr 15, 2002.

  1. David Proud

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    I don't want any crapy pc speakers.

    Yeah I know there are the Logitech z560s and the klipsh. But to me these speakers just don't get me excited.

    I have seen no real frequency response numbers on these pc speaker sets and I doubt they play very flat.

    The logitechs have a 3inch midrange driver and no tweeter. the Klipsh have a 3 inch midrange drive and do have a tweeter as well. both feature subs that are 1 note boom boxes.

    so here is my pc speaker budget. To find better sounding speakers than these sets offered at similar prices. So that would give me 300$ for the Klipsh and I can get the logitechs for 139$ shipped. So lets budget 225$.

    My Proposal is purchasing two used JBL N24's for around 100$. And another two for rear EAX effects later on. Now I need an amp to power those suckers. What is the minumum power requirement I could use to power these?

    I can get a Panasonic Dolby Digital receiver for 138$ online. "Now thats a hell of a deal, huh"

    What about Home Theater Direct speakers. They have a 79$ sub. Would this 8inch subwoofer outperfrom these 1 note pc boom boxes.

    I want El cheapo speaker freq response flatness down to 50 or 40hz for me PC


  2. Phil Iturralde

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  3. David_Stein

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    Feb 13, 2002
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    earlier this year i was considering getting the klipsch promedia 5.1 set of speakers, but i also wanted to be able to run my roomates dvd player to get dolby digital sound. at the time it was 400 dollars for the klipsch, plus to make it work i would have had to buy an expensive sound card (hercules gtxp or sb audigy plat) and fiddle with software settings or buy the klipsch external decoder box for 200 dollars. i ended up just spending an extra hundred dollars, getting the jbl nsp1, jbl pb10, and a used onkyo tx-ds575x reciever for 700 dollars all shipped. i definitely believe i made the right decision. my friend has a the klipsch 4.1 system, so i am aware of how it sounds, its good, but not this good.

    i guess my bottom line is that the jbl speakers are nice, but perhaps you want to sink a little bit more money into it, if possible, and get a good reciever as well

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