It's Summer Movie Time Boy's and Girl's- Day Care is Open!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Dave Scarpa, May 5, 2002.

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    David Scarpa
    I know I know someone open's one of these thread's every few months, but I had to Vent.

    I really limit my movie going experience, maybe seeing 5-8 movies a year and then mostly in the Summer for the Big Blockbusters. It seems every year the movie going Experience gets worse and Worse, and I come home, throw myself in front of my Movie Seats and kiss the floor.

    Tonight at Spider Man it was almost like being in Day care. Babies crying to the left and the right, Kids running all around thru out the movie like it's playtime in the local park. One ran smack dab into my wife and almost put her thru the theater wall.

    The highlight was during a huge emotion scene when Peter Parker has is crying his eyes out I hear blurting from behind, "Stop crying you F*&^ing F&&gg&&t !"

    The theater I go to has an excellent video and audio presentation but the plusses certainly do not outweigh the minuses, I wish I could go somewhere else but it's about the same in all the theaters I've gone to.

    Some blame home video for creating an "Living Room" atmosphere in the theater. Poppy cock I blame bad parenting and a lack of respect.

    Ohh well Only AOTC and Nemesis to go and I can stay away for yet another year. Pity I do love the Movies, just not the movie experiece.
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    Yep, there was a crying child in my screening this afternoon. Luckily, they were far enough from me that the film was loud enough to get the noise drowned out or else I would have said something. I usually don't let this sort of thing just slide. A couple near the child relocated themselves early on after they noticed it.

    I am a parent and there is no excuse to bring a young child in a theater who can't sit still and enjoy a movie quietly. Parents who do this show their true characters and that of being irresponsible and disrespectful of others and being concerned only for themselves.

  3. Jim Rankin

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    I hear ya brother - thats' why I rarely go to a film on opening weekend anymore - In fact I went to see Panic Room today! My co-workers say that I am anti-social and that I am missing the "ambience" of watching a film with a large group of rude, inconsiderate strangers.
    I just find it amazing that people can't take a f***ing hint from the polite warnings that come with the previews - wait a minute, that's right they didn't see the "suggestions" because they came in 10 minutes after the film started and were yelling out to locate where their friends are sitting[​IMG] I know we see this thread way to often, but it's sad that this so commonplace anymore.
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    On Thursday when I saw The Scorpion King, a couple's baby to the left front of me cried about three times up to about the middle of the movie. Then when the baby cried again the father decided to take it to the aisle at the side.
    It didn't bother me much considering the movie I was seeing. [​IMG]

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