Is Monitor a 'native' Progressive Scan device?

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    Sep 3, 2001
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    Hi All,
    My rusty Sony 36" XBR250 WEGA TV can not output Progressive Scan, nor it has a 'manual' Vertical Squeeze feature, as a result, I am on a quest to get THE BEST video output device for my Console gaming needs. (Have all ‘Big Three’: Xbox, GameCube and PS2)
    This Video Output Device of course is going to be either a new TV Set that has Progressive Scan feature or a plain old PC VGA Monitor. (my 22" ViewSonic PF815 Monitor which has BNC and VGA connectors in the back).
    Of course there are some considerations going towards each path:
    If I get a new TV set, then I have to shell out big bucks for it.
    If I want to connect my console systems to my VGA Monitor, then I need a component-to-VGA transcoder.
    I am in the market searching for THE BEST component-to-VGA transcoder, and so far I have found out that the Audio Authority 9A62 is a decent one.
    At the same time I am searching for a good Progressive Scan TV Set (less than $1000 would be ideal though)
    The cost is a bit of prohibiting factor (and I mean the $1000 range for a new TV Set compared to $300 or less for a component-to-VGA transcoder)
    When I bought my Sony 36” XBR250 WEGA TV three years ago, I paid almost $2600 (plus $250 for its official (and only available) TV Stand))
    I know the advantage of TV Set is the big screen, compared to a VGA PC Monitor, but at the same time, you get THE most tweakable set of features if you get a component-to-VGA transcoder (such as Audio Authority 9A62)
    Your insights are greatly appreciated.
  2. Bob McElfresh

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    I thought there were some table-top projectors for about $1200-$1500 that took progressive feeds. There was a Sony unit that was a LCD projector designed around a 16x9 panel for widescreen. Worth looking into for that price range.
  3. DerekF

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    The best Xbox output is 720p...but not many TVs support this (some can accept the signal, but downconvert it to 1080i).

    ...but you probably already knew that...

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