In case anyone is wondering about the amps in the Kenwood VR-6060 vs. the VR-6070

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    I wrote to Kenwood customer service a few months (!) back asking them if the amps in the 6060 are the same as the 6070 (the 6070 is the THX-certified version with a few more features). It's been mentioned on the forums that they use the same amps but I wanted to be sure. The original text of my e-mail is at the bottom.

    Thank you for writing to us at Kenwood USA Corporation.

    The Kenwood receivers, model VR-6060 and 6070, do use the same amplifiers and power supplies, so the output power will be the same.
    If you have any further questions or need help with anything, please feel free to contact us again.

    ************************************************** *
    Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation
    Consumer Services
    P.O. Box 22745
    Long Beach, CA 90801-5745

    Nick Dynice
    Consumer Service Representative
    E-mail addresses for Kenwood USA Corporation:
    Phone: 800-536-9663
    Fax: 310-631-3913
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    Original Message:

    Subject: VR-6060 Home Theater Receiver spec question
    Hello! I am currently looking to buy a receiver and I
    had a spec question about the VR-6060.

    My question is this: does the VR-6060 use the same
    amplifiers as the VR-6070?
    The reason I ask is that in a recent issue of Sound &
    Vision magazine, they tested the VR-6070 at 92 watts
    per channel with all channels driven, which is
    excellent in my opinion. Unfortunately, the VR-6070
    is a little out of my price range. However, the
    VR-6060 is more affordable and seems to be very
    similar to the VR-6070 (with fewer features, of
    course) so I'm hoping the amplifiers are the same.

    Any info you can give me is appreciated!
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    The amplifiers may indeed be indentical. However, it's the power supply that determines whether or not they will all put out their advertised power at once.
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    Thx Andy, I have a 6060, I love it. I got a good deal on it at local BB. I didnt want to spend too much on my first receiver and still get all the bells and whistles.

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