I'm sorry to ask but which AOD version?

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    Mar 3, 2001
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    Ok I've done searches and read huge amounts but I'm still confused. I have no version of the films at the moment so I am about to purchase:

    Evil Dead: Book of the Dead version

    Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn (Special Edition)

    Somebody correct me is thats not right..

    then its army of darkness..

    I was going to buy from what I understand in other threads as the correct Anchor Bay versions:

    Army of Darkness: Theatrical cut

    Army of Darkness: Official Bootleg edition

    this will give me the equavilant of the LE version which is very sought after and all was clear until..

    I now see there is the Army of Darkness: Special Edition which appears to be a 2 disc set equavilant to the LE can anybody clear this up thanks.

  2. rutger_s

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    Jul 7, 2000
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    If you are a fan of the films...

    Evil Dead - Book of The Dead edition & the collector's edition by Elite

    Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn - Limited Edition tin, if you can find it.

    Army of Darkness - THX Certified edition & The Official Bootleg Edition

    That is pretty much it. Army of Darkness: Special Edition is the THX Certified version is the Universal Pictures cut with featurette and original ending supplement. The Official Bootleg Edition has the director's cut with the original ending restored to the film with a supplement section consisting of audio commentary, four cut scenes and Picture-in-Picture storyboard option.
  3. chris_sharpe

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    Actually there is a new version of Evil Dead coming out March 15th. Titled Evil Dead: Book of the Dead Edition. Cool packaging and cool extras worth waiting for. But for the other 2 titles rutger is right about which to but.
  4. Travis D

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    Feb 15, 2001
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    Caught you Chris! [​IMG]
    Skimming that is.....
    Read the first post, a few lines down. Looks like he's done a bit of homework already.

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