I just bought a Sony DAV-HDX587WC home theater in a box

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by imercado, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Iḿ a newbi and I just bought a Sony DAV-HDX587WC. I connect the audio of the Sony BD player through an optic cable. The problem is low volume, I needo to crank it to 31 in a range from 0 to 33.

    PS I'm not deaf.
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    Joseph DeMartino
    You don't say which Sony Blu-Ray player you have. Have you gone into the set up on the player and selected the proper audio output options? Have you tried a digital coax cable instead of the optical cable? (Any 75ohm video cable with work for this - and half of any red/white analog audio cable can be used for a quick test.)

    Are you having trouble hearing anything at all, or is it mostly dialogue that is too low? Do you get sound out of all three front speakers?

    I'm not familiar with the Sony HTiB. Do you have to assign the digital inputs? And this one is going to sound elementary, but I have to ask. Have you switched TO that input, away from the default, built-in DVD player, when trying to play back from the Blu-Ray player.

    BTW, you might try running both the audio and video from the Blu-Ray through the all-in-one's receiver by using the HMDI input.



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