HTF Challenge... Find The Bands

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  1. Jason Pancake

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    Apr 1, 2002
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    There are 75 bands from the Virgin label represented in this picture. Two of my friends and I have only found 45 of them.

    Virgin Bands

    Example: Guns N' Roses on the left bottom represented by the guns and roses bouquets.

    Please name the band and how they are represented.
  2. Richard Travale

    Richard Travale Producer

    Feb 27, 2001
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    The Island, Canada
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    Rich Travale
    Heh, I'm doing this right now on another forum. So far we have 55 of them.
  3. GARY C

    GARY C Second Unit

    Jul 27, 1999
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    Here's what I could get looking at it quickly.

    1. Guns & Roses (guns and roses bouquet - left/bottom)
    2. B-52'S (B-52 bombers - centre/top)
    3. Rolling Stones (rolling stones - centre)
    4. Matchbox 20 (matchboxes in the shape of a 20 - centre/bottom)
    5. Alice in Chains (alice in wonderland in chains - right/middle)
    6. Blur (blurry man - right/middle)
    7. The Eagles (flying eagles - right/middle)
    8. Smashing Pumpkins (guy smashing pumpkins - bottom/middle)
    9. 50 Cent (50 cent piece - bottom/left)
    10. Black Flag (black flag - centre)
    11. Sex Pistols (might be my dirty mind, but those look like gun/dildo's the queen is holding - centre/bottom)
    12. Queen (the queen - centre/bottom)
    13. Radio Head (guy with the gettoblaster for a head - centre)
    14. Led Zeppelin (zeppelin - centre/top)
    15. The Doors (different colored doors - centre near jaws sign)
    16. Dead Kennedy’s (pictures of Robert and John Kennedy - left/middle)
    17. Seal (poster of a seal - left/middle)
    18. Gorillaz (various gorillaz - top)
    19. The Pixies (various pixies - left)
    20. The Eels (near the queen - centre/bottom)
    21. Ratt (rat near pink scissors - centre/bottom)
    22. U2 (uu graphitti on building - right/middle)
    23. The Vines (vines coming out of the grate behind the queen - centre/bottom)
    24. The Cars (various cars - centre)
    25. Bee Gees (bgg on the same building as U2 - right/middle)

    More to follow.
  4. Todd H

    Todd H Go Dawgs!

    May 27, 1999
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    White Zombie on far left?
  5. Richard Travale

    Richard Travale Producer

    Feb 27, 2001
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    The Island, Canada
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    Rich Travale
    Here's what we have so far

    1. Led Zeppelin (in sky)
    2. Blind Melon (watermelon with sunglasses)
    3. Smashing Pumpkins(guy w/ sledgehammer)
    4. Gorillaz (the apes)
    5. Radiohead(guy with radio as head)
    6. Guns & Roses (front cart)
    7. Garbage (trash bin tipped over)
    8. Red Hot Chili Peppers (peppers in veggie cart)
    9. Beach Boys (guys with surfboards)
    10. Rolling Stones (big rolling stones)
    11. Scissor Sisters (pink scissors with bows)
    12. B-52's (the bombers in air)
    13. Cowboy Junkies (cowboys shooting up )
    14. Alice in Chains (obvious)
    15. Black Crowes (crows on main st sign)
    16. The Spoons (huge spoon)
    17. The Eagles (huge eagles in air)
    18. The Police (cops in front of mustang)
    19. White Snake (huge white snake)
    20. White Zombie (left of picture)
    21. Hole (hole in the street)
    22. Phish (in the fish bowl in front)
    23. Matchbox 20 (the matchboxes arranged in a 20)
    24. Ratt (the big rat)
    25. Seal (the sign above zombie)
    26. The Cars (all of the cars)
    27. The Dead Kennedy's (pictures of Jack & Bobby)
    28. 50 Cent (half dollar)
    29. Lemonheads (lemons with faces in cart)
    30. U2 (two U's on building)
    31. The Eels (the two eels)
    32. Spoon
    33. The Vines (coming out of the sewer grate)
    34. Jewel (in box beside veggie cart)
    35. The Postal Service (guy at post box)
    36. The Doors (coloured doors)
    37. The White Stripes (the crosswalks)
    38. Beach Boys
    39. Eminem (the candy in front of scissors)
    40. Korn (on veggie cart)
    41. Black Flag (side of building)
    42. Bloc Party (people inside of building)
    43. Sex Pistols (the gun with dildos)
    44. BeeGees (on building under U2)
    45. The Pixies (pixies flying around)
    46. Yelloman (guy on corner...who is yellow [​IMG] )
    47. Blur(blurry guy)
    48. Green Day (on calendar)
    49. Talking Heads (on TV's in display window)
    50. Kiss (the girls kissing)
    51. Nine Inch Nails (nails beside candy)
    52. Twisted Sister (contortionist girls)
    53. Dinosaur Jr (little dinosaur)
    54. The Killers (guys wearing black w/ blood on shirts)
    55. Mountain (the mountain)
    56. Deep Purple (the building)
    57. Iron Maiden (the big torture device on crosswalk
    58. Cornershop (the shop...on the corner)
    59. Great White (shark poster)
    60. Prince (the guy in front)
    61. Queen (the lady in front)

    oops, we had Spoons and Beach boys doubled so we only have 59.
  6. GARY C

    GARY C Second Unit

    Jul 27, 1999
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    A little of the left side of the picture is missing in the above link.

    If you go here...

    There are a few bands that are cut off;

    Skinny Puppy
    Pet Shop Boys

    Plus a few more from the existing picture linked above;

    Corner Shop (corner store with the shop sign)
    Bush (by the G&R cart)
    Madonna (the picture in the window by the Kennedy pictures)
    Blondie (girl on the fire escape)
    Crowded House (if not Bloc Party)
  7. Jon_Are

    Jon_Are Cinematographer

    Jun 25, 2001
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    On the fruit cart I see the Lemonheads.

  8. Linda Thompson

    Linda Thompson Supporting Actor

    Apr 4, 2004
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    One of my other boards is also doing this, and we've hit up to 74, I believe...

    We have most of Richard's same list, with a few differences:

    Instead of Mountain (our first thought), we now think Cypress Hill...

    We were undecided between Dead Kennedys and Presidents of the USA...some of us think the top pic looks more like Ronald Reagan...

    Instead of Twisted Sister, we also thought possibly the Contortionists...

    And, we have a few more that aren't listed here (some guesses, and some we're pretty sure about).

    The Proclaimers
    The Go-Gos
    The Cranberries (possibly...the crate in front of the veggie stand)

    ...and a few others...

    Fun, but a bit ambiguous, given some of the group names that are out there these days...
  9. andrew markworthy

    Sep 30, 1999
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    A couple more that have been missed or perhaps need alternative explanations:

    Madonna (the picture of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in the shop window) Alternatively, it might mean the Jesus and Mary Chain (an indie rock group from the 80s)

    Pink (the bubblegum being blown by the woman on the fire escape; and/or the colour of the sky) Or, the pink bubblegum might be referring to an obscure group called Bubblegum.

    Television (basically, the same section of the picture that also gives us Talking Heads)

    Pavement (Britspeak for sidewalk)

    The Go-Gos (the girls running in front of one of the giant boulders are wearing go-go boots)

    Phish might actually be Fish (ex-lead singer with Marillion, enjoyed a modest solo career in Europe if not in the USA)

    Nine Inch Nails may be Styx (they might not be nails but might be sticks such as drum sticks; 'sticks' = 'Styx'; yes, I know, an appalling pun)

    The Dolls/The New York Dolls (doll in shop window - probably not)

    The Vibrators ((he barrels of the sex pistols)

    Men at Work (there are quite a few male workers in the picture)

    Manic Street Preachers (the group in white - or at a pinch, it might be The Average White Band)

    Really off the wall:

    Is the girl next to the cowboy meant to be Sweethart of the Rodeo? Yes, I know it's the name of an album, but wasn't there a group called that as well?

    Is the subway sign meant to indicate Velvet Underground?

    Wasn't there a band called The Streets? In which case that could be another answer found.

    BTW, what's in the holster of the cowboy junkie? It doesn't look like a gun, but the resolution on my monitor isn't good enough to work it out.

    Also, don't all 75 acts have to be on the Virgin lable? In which case, a lot of the list is wrong, I'm afraid (including most of my suggestions [​IMG]).
  10. TonyD

    TonyD Who do we think I am?

    Dec 1, 1999
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    Gulf Coast
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    Tony D.
    pretty interesting.
    has all been guessed yet?
  11. Artur Meinild

    Artur Meinild Screenwriter

    Aug 10, 2000
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    Can anyone point to a location where the hires image is still online?
  12. McPaul

    McPaul Screenwriter

    Apr 1, 1999
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    Paul M
    Here's what I have listed so far... don't read if you don't want to know:

    using this picture:

    1 Queen
    2 Prince
    3 50 Cent
    4 The Eels
    5 Dinosaur Jr.
    6 Matchbox 20
    7 NIN
    8 Smashing Pumpkins
    9 Eminem
    10 Scissor Sisters
    11 Green Day
    12 Lemonheads
    13 RHCP
    14 Korn
    15 Alice in Chains
    16 Blur
    17 Eagles
    18 Gorillaz
    19 B52's
    20 Led Zepplin
    21 Cypress Hill
    22 Deep Purple
    23 Rolling Stones
    24 Cars
    25 Hole
    26 BeeGee's
    27 U2
    28 Beach Boys
    29 Garbage
    30 RATT
    31 White Stripes
    32 Radiohead
    33 Sex Pistols
    34 Iron Maiden
    35 Manic Street Preachers
    36 Television
    37 Crowded House
    38 Black Flag
    39 Go-Go's
    40 Police
    41 Pavement
    42 Whitesnake
    43 Yellowman
    44 Madonna
    45 Dead Kennedy's
    46 White Zombie
    47 GnR
    48 Seal
    49 Pixies
    50 The Vines
    51 The Roots
    52 Postal Service
    53 Spoon
    54 Cranberries
    55 Twisted Sister
    56 Killers
    57 Doors
    58 Black Crowes
    59 Cowboy Junkies
    60 Blind Melon
    61 Skinny Puppy
    62 Jewel
    63 Talking Heads
    64 Cornershop
    65 Bauhaus
    66 Pet Shop Boys
    67 Cake
    68 Scorpions

    edit: didn't realize this was so old, just saw it this morning... you guys probably have this all wrapped up now...

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