How about studios releasing DVD with the Theatrical releases sound mix?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by SvenS, Apr 27, 2003.

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    I have been lucky enough to hear a bunch of Academy screener DVD's to know that they do (most of the time) sound better then the DVD that ends up released to the public. I believe the reason most studios redo the sound mix is to have the audio sound better on all setups instead on having a theatrical release sound mix that can overpower lesser setups. Most who have heard the Japanese Phantom Menace Laserdisc have heard what a theatrical release sound mix sounds like compared to the retail DVD that ended up coming out and would agree it is much superior (although there is the "overcooked" crowd out there). I just rewatched the LOTR: Two Towers screener and it is simply outstanding! I am sure the retail DVD will not match this sound mix (hopefully the DTS on the extended one will come close).

    So I put out for discussion the idea that the studios put out some special DVD's that contain the theatrical release sound mix and market it for those of us with higher end systems that can play these tracks with no worries about being over powered by them! What are you thoughts?
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    This has been discussed before. What the studios do is re-eq the soundtracks to home theater so they sound like what you heard in the theater. They eliminate the x-curve which is added to "take advantage" of the theater equipment. Since the equipment at home is much different, they re-eq it to retain the tonal quality intended by the sound designers. It's akin to maintaining composition with the OAR.

    I've heard TPM laserdisc and it didn't sound better, so much as louder and more shrill. The DVD is much more pleasing and tonally balanced.

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