Hooking up a PS2 to a VGA monitor

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    The reason I want to do this is simply for convenience reasons. I have a 17" monitor in my room and the 2 TVs downstairs are usually in use. It's hard hogging the TV for several hours of GT3. [​IMG] I found this: http://www.lik-sang.com/catalog/product_info.php?category=23&products_id=274& [​IMG]
    I know it's nothing more than a cheap line doubler but I was just wondering if there are any other better solutions out there. I would like to keep it under $40, but if you know of another adapter/method please share.
    Here's a review of it just for info purposes.
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    Bumping this up for self interest. Anyone out there hear anything on this? I have a 36" Gateway Destination monitor which I use as my "tv" per se. It can only display up to 800 x 600. Could this benefit me? Anywhere else that I can read info into this? Thanks
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    I remember reading an old PSM article that covered this topic. They made mention of the RedAnt adapter pictured above and also made reference to a similar product called the "Cheese Box". It looks pretty much like a block of cheese and features a line doubler. I couldn't find a place that sells it but I've included a link to a review.
    There's another adapter which basically does the same thing that I actually have and used for a while called the Jam!! adapter. It's, in essence, the same beast with different packaging. Another review below.
    All of them are basically line doublers and can't provide true VGA resolution. The RedAnt adapter is nice in that it draws power from the memory card slot of the PS2 whereas the Cheesebox and the Jam!! adapter use AC adapters.
    I was satisfied with the performance of the Jam!! adapter but I wouldn't expect too much any of these adapters. The Jam!! adapter says on the actual unit that it was made in Singapore and the support website isn't functional anymore. However, if you're interested in it, drop me an e-mail at [email protected] I was using it because I had no TV and bought it off ebay.
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