Home Theater Furniture Question... (CRT under coffee table?)

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    Sep 2, 2000
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    When I lived in NJ 7 years ago, my best friend's family had a beautiful CRT projection setup for the time. Well, I want to purchase a projector and have it setup like they did... Let me expain.

    The piece of furniture loked like a big black coffee table. In the Front there was a slot that you slid the CRT projector in and aimed upward towards the screen, allowing you to not worry about ceiling mounting. On the side facing the couch, above the area where the CRT projector was slid in, there were 3 slots for whatever A/V equipment you wanted to put in. The area where the CRT slid in from the front was enclosed on the side facing the couch so you couldnt accidently kick it

    Anyways, I have been looking for furniture like this all over the net with no avail... can some of you A/V lovers please point me in a direction of give me a hand?

    The reason I can't mount from the ceiling is simple, there is a ceiling fan in the way, and I cannot take it down, it is the only lightsource in the room.

    Thanks in advance...

  2. Chad Isaacs

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    Wow,that sounds really cool.I am putting alot of thought into getting a used crt/lcd etc around the first of the year.If I do a digital,celing/wall mounting should be fine but if I do crt,I dont think its such a good idea to celing mount(I live in an apartment)

    So,one thing I have thought of is getting a cheap chest and cutting a hole in the front for the guns,then making some sort of slide so the hole can be covered when not in use..I have kids and they touch stuff so...

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