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    Our Jersey Shore Neighbor came over with a little device he needed to find. He borrowed it from someone to see if it worked first, because they told him it cost $100's. He tested it out for a few hours, trying to figure out how it worked because it didn't come with instructions, but he can't find a place to buy it.
    I helped him out by looking online for it, and to my amazement, NOTHNG. Almost as if the thing never existed. It's a DMC Image Transfer Product. Model Number GT 201 A. Surprisingly enough Ebay has NO listings for it. He wants something so that he can transfer his old 8MM Movies to Tape, yet he has so many of them, it would be too expensive to do it proffesionally...
    Any help will be appreciated ASAP. We'll be leaving for home tonight. If info on the current product is not found, a similar one below the $100 price range would be a nice recomend [​IMG].
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    This certainly doesn't pertain to display devices, and it's headed to the forum it seems to fit best.

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