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HELP!! Recording Engineers Advice Needed!! (1 Viewer)

Jeff Savage

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Aug 21, 2001
I got this e-mail from a friend of mine and the questions he is asking are over my head. I was wondering if anyone here can help. Dave has been recording small chamber music type groups for years and is now trying to get his head around the digital stuff. Any help you guys can offer would be great. If you think it is to in depth for a posting here and want to offer your help via e-mail or phone that would be cool too.

He is also looking for software to do the MLP encoding/compression that doesn't cost an arm and a leg ($500 or less range instead of $2500 or more)


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Well, the picture is getting more nearly clear about DVD-A. While there is plenty of room on there for very hi-res audio, seems the Dolby encoding spec was developed by dummies and doesn't allow for it. So 24/96 is the maximum for more than 2 channel audio. Also, 4 channels of 88.2 or 96 is possible without the expensive MLP compression. Luckily, I really see no reason for a .1 bass channel on the Ayslum Street Spankers recording as they use acoustic bass anyway.

So, I can produce a menu driven disc that will provide (for you 2 channel diehards;->) 2 channels of 24/176.4 with and without chatter, and 4 channels of 24/88.2 with and without chatter.

Here is the question for those of you with DVD-A players and experience: While I'd like to go to 24/96 and 24/192 with the material, that would leave me unable to get to 16/44.1 without transcoding...which is anathema to me.

Do you think there is an audible difference (or psychological for that matter...market appeal will be an issue) between the two? I can always (with a bit of extra hassle) take a second computer with a Card Deluxe and loop the analog from the stereo mics to it for the 16/44.1.

Help me with this...


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