Help me - 1000$ on home theater wasted?!

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    Okay, so thanks everyone for your help here. I ended up exchanging the reciever for a new 5200. A thing to note, my old one was made in China, and the new one with a later serial number was made in Korea, looks like they switched plants. Let me say, THIS ONE ROCKS!!
    I know my setup is a lot less than many on here, but I've never heard anything like it. The 6.1 is so sweet, it is unbelievable. NO hiss whatsoever on this unit, looks like i had a bad one to start with. The sound is absolutely incredible, and I recommend this setup to anyone who is looking for a good budget system.
    My dealer, who is great, Stereoland in Mnpls, told me he called the Marantz rep and they are aware of the S-video problem. He said the Marantz rep said they are working on it and the later serial numbers shouldn't have a problem. He also said it was only a problem on the 5200's - so no need to worry Chris, your 6200 should be fine. I still have a tiny, barely noticible waves going on if I use the monitor out...that is the only out with a problem though, and it is the one needed for onscreen display. I may get a cheap s cable and send it from the monitor out to like one of the other s in's on the reciever, and then my dvd out to the dvd in, and then use the tv out s to the tv, so that i'm still running through the reciever and can just switch to one of the other video inputs for on screen display if i want that. I don't really need it other than initial setup.
    That said I love this unit, and it sounds so incredible even though I was told i can exchange it for even later # serial #'s when they get the s video thing fixed I don't think I will b/c this sounds so good I don't even want to bother.
    Oh, I also got the Radio Shack 1994 remote which rocks as well.
    Thanks all for your advice.

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