Has Marantz fixed their X200 problems?

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  1. Andy Anderson

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    Well, my friend got a hold of 7200 number 3 last night, and 3 strikes, Marantz is out. Unfortunately, this one pops (even louder) as well. It pops loudly during DVD layer changes, and when switching from source to source after about 30-40 minutes of listening. The dropout issue, of course, is still there. No problems with noise (I've never heard any problems with noise) and so S-video problems.

    Jeff, I'm glad that 74 out of 75 receivers have not been returned to you (I still maintain that that number is in no way representative of actual defective/faulty untis you have sold.), it would seem that your store has lucked out. However, as far as I'm concerned, the 7200 has a 100% failure rate on the popping and dropout issue. My buddy won't ever buy a Marantz product again. This is a shame, (I don't really blame him) but I think I would give Marantz another try down the road a ways. I haven't had any problems with the last generation. Yes, I realize that this chatter about defects is giving the x200 line a bad rap. When we told the sales reps in our local store about the problems people have been having with the x200 line, they asked, "Where did you hear that?" When we tell then about the posts on online forums such as HTF, we got eye rolls, and hand waves, "Oh, you can't believe everything people say online, etc, etc." Well, we convinced them to let us test every x200 receiver in the house, and the dropout issue (which admittedly, is not a defect, as you can see in Patrick Senez's link) but it is a design flaw. The x200's took 3-4 times longer than the Sony ES, Pioneer Elites, and the last generation (7000, 8000, 9000) to identify and begin to decode an AC-3 signal. Their argument that "A lot of receivers exhibit the same dropout problem" didn't hold up--none of the recievers in the shop (be it other manufacturers or last year's Marantz) exhibited the same dropout severity.
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    Yeah, I also have some doubts whether Marantz will ever come out with a new pre/pro to replace the AV9000. One figures it wouldn't be that hard - just release the SR9200 without the amp section. But I guess it is all based on marketing.

    If Marantz doesn't come out with a new pre/pro by August, I might just go ahead and upgrade my SR7200 to the new Rotel RSP-1066 pre/pro, as my dealer also carries the Rotel line. It will be interesting to see the reviews of this unit when it is released in the next month or two.

    My only other option for an upgrade at this dealer would be the the Marantz SR8200, but I don't see the point in purchasing such an expensive receiver when I don't really need the amps in it. From what I understand, the 8200 also has some reported problems as well.

    All I know is, I will be upgrading from the 7200 one way or another come August. If Marantz doesn't see fit to listen to it's customers needs/problems, and decides it isn't able to compete in the separates market, I guess I will be forced to consider some other options.


    Isn't it frustrating when sales people readily dismiss internet forums such as these? I have also been met with rolling eyes/dismissive gestures every time I mention info I picked up on an internet forum. I find this ironic, as I often know a lot more about a given line of products than the salesmen themselves from all of the stuff I've learned here. If I was a salesman or shop owner, you can be damn sure I would be reading these forums on a daily basis, instead of feeling threatened by the mere mention of them.

  3. Jagan Seshadri

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    To Jeff Kowerchuk,
    If what you say is true and your customers are as demanding of their product as we are, and you have such a fabulous track record selling these things defect-free...
    maybe we should buy them from you.
    Because it seems that all the duds are arriving everywhere except Winnipeg! Sounds like you have the Midas touch [​IMG]
    Or is your real name Jeff Marantz?? [​IMG]
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    Sep 13, 2001
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    Hi there
    I've been following this thread with interest, as I had recently ordered an SR7200 from a dealer here in England. I contacted him and he viewed this thread - I also contacted 2 people locally who have been using 7200's since December.
    The outcome is that the problems you're experiencing in the US with the x200 range seem to be, in the vast majority of cases, specific to the US. None of the owners I've spoken to have had any problems, and the UK dealer network is aware that there have been US issues (stemming to a great extent from the S&V review), but that they aren't becoming apparent over here. A reason seems to be the virtual autonomy of Marantz USA. Marantz Europe and Marantz Japan, whilst separate companies, appear to be very closely tied - this doesn't seem the case with Marantz USA.
    I took delivery of the 7200 yesterday and am hugely impressed with it (upgraded from a Yamaha DSP-A5) - I've tested it for the issues US owners are experiencing, and nothing adverse has occurred - no drop-out, no noise, no popping (other than relay-switching noises when changing between inputs, something I'd expect). I'm surprised that many US owners are prepared to have brand-new kit repaired/modified - UK customers, myself included, would return the goods and expect a replacement or change to a different make and model (say the Denon 2802). What warranty do Marantz USA offer? (3 years here).
    I hope that you all get your x200's sorted out soon - they're a great range and it's sad to see so many disillusioned owners in your country.
  5. Chris PC

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    Yeah, we have a 3 year warranty over here too. Thing is, the problem I have concern with is limited to the audio drop-outs or "cut-offs" and they occur with Onkyo receivers also, and I'm not keen on the sound of Yamaha or Denon. only the NAD T-751 was free of 99% of the problem and for my use, effectively perfect in that regard. But alas, NAD doesn't have great customer feedback lately and they didn't have DPL II.
    We are "suffering" through our respective problems because there is no "sound" alternative, if you excuse the pun. Literally, I have not heard a receiver anywhere near this price range that sounds so nice. On movies, I can see it not being as dynamic and punchy, but I think its because I'm used to harsher sound. I love the sound and only hope Marantz attends to these problems seriously.
    As far as people arguing whether its a real problem and the "personal" accounts of "I read about these two 5200's catching fire" and "I've sold x # of units and no problems", its all a matter of statistics. Arguing whether or not the problem is significant is pointless. If people are having problems with their equipment, and they aren't satisfied, they're going to walk. If I find a receiver that matches my SR6200 in sound and lacks the faults of the Marantz, then I will switch. I wait for Marantz to fix the digital audio dropouts and once that is taken care of, then I will be satisfied. Luckily, the sound of my 12 year old "analog" Sony CD player is quite acceptable and pleasant in my setup. Good luck to those hoping for fixes to their unit and keep us all informed of any news [​IMG]
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    Michael Cucka
    My "issues" as a 9200 owner...
    The first unit I received as dead out of the box [​IMG]
    The second unit was fine for about a week, then lost its component output (everything turned green on screen ) - turned out to be a lose videoboard.
    My third unit worked for a couple of days, then (while pausing a movie) popped really loud and died (with a "check dsp1 rom" failure message on screen).
    Now I'm using the repaired second unit (with the lose videoboard fix) and seem to be doing fine, EXCEPT....
    Those darn audio mutes using digital inputs are annoying [​IMG]
    I'm using a Marantz DV-12S1 dvd player and do not experience any audio delays with chapter skips, track changes, etc.
    However, layer changes on DVD's always drop out and menus with audio content are completely lost as you change from one screen to the next. From what I've read, this has always been an issue with earlier Marantz models, but the mute length is longer than it has been in the past.
    Also (from what I've been told) this is a common issue for most higher-end audio components (like Krell, B&K, etc.). But, at $3000, I find it frustrating [​IMG]
    ...bar any unit I've ever heard, this baby is the most impressive sounding piece of equipment to come along - including 7.1 movies, music, dvd-audio! Also, the feature set and specs are (for me) worth the frustration.
    Ultimately, when I listen to a movie or music, I couldn't be happier - and that's what it's all about [​IMG]
    Maybe a software/firmware upgrade might come out to fix these "issues", but even if it doesn't I'll be fine.
    Be aware that there are some dead/dying units out there shipping so if you splurge for the 9200, have your dealer test-drive yours first!
  7. Tom Morgan

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    Aug 1, 1999
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    I have a SR-7200. I have no problems. Noise is low {I also tested with test disk (Sheffield Labs "My Disk" track 41) instead of testing with sources paused}, s-video is fine, plays CD's and DVD's from the panny-RP-91 without delay, has lots of power. It has a S/N 129xxxxxx8xx. I have had it since it first came out and have had no problems. Even the s-video works fine.

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