Guide for new RPTV owners? (Toshiba 50H81)

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    Next Friday I will be receiving shipment of my first RPTV. The set is the Toshiba 50H81. I would like to prevent burn-in and other catastrophes and was looking for help in what I should do from the instant I get the TV.
    1)Is it fine to turn it on and off to check function?
    2)How long should it remain on before turning it off?
    3)I've heard that I should run a movie like Toy Story for 48 hours straight to break it in. Is this really recommended?
    Any help is appreciated.
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    May 27, 2001
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    Hi Joseph,
    Congrats on your new tv.
    As mentioned earlier, the best thing you can do to prevent burn-in is to lower the contrast from torch mode to somewhere between 30-40%. Also, don't watch over an extended length of time programs with bright station logos or those marketwatch tickers. Try to cycle through 4:3 and 16:9 programs.
    No specific length of time to wait to turn it off.
    If you don't find anything objectionable with the image, don't bother with the 9pt user convergence. Better control is made through the 64pt service mode convergence.
    No need to keep it on for 48 hrs tuned to a specific program or movie. It is after all just a tv. Watch it like you would a regular tv.
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