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FT: List of 40+ DVDs for Trade! (Charlies Angels Full, BLT, Italian Job, Saved Bell) (1 Viewer)


Nov 23, 1999
FT: List of 40+ DVDs for Trade! (Confidence, The Italian Job 2003, Better Luck Tomorrow, Saved by the Bell, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle)

I have the following DVDs to trade:

A Bridge Too Far **MINT/SEALED**
Amadeus (Directors Cut; 2 DVD)
Batman The Aminated Series: The Legend Begins
Beastie Boys Video Anthology (Criterion Collection)
Better Luck Tomorrow **TRADED**
Charlie's Angels Full Throttle UNRATED Widescreen version **TRADED**
Cheaters: Best of Season One
Crime Story (TV Pilot) **MINT/SEALED**
Dances With Wolves SE (latest release) **MINT/SEALED**
Das Boot: The Director's Cut
Dazed and Confused
Disney's Sing Along Songs - Sing a Song With Pooh Bear and Piglet Too **MINT/SEALED**
Disney's Sing Along Songs - The Lion King Circle of Life **MINT/SEALED**
Drumline (Widescreen) **TRADED**
Fox DVD/Best Buy Demo Disc #2 (from Ice Age)
Great Blunders of WWII (2 DVD Box Set) **MINT/SEALED**
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World **MINT/SEALED**
Logan's Run
Lovely and Amazing **MINT/SEALED**
Motel Hell / Deranged (MGM Midnight Movie Double Feature)
Public Enemy Presents DJ Lord: Turntablist Chronicles **MINT/SEALED**
Saved By The Bell Seasons One & Two (opened but absolutely MINT) **TRADED**
Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
Sleepaway Camp Box Set OOP (***4*** DVD Set; OOP "Red Cross" version, Contains exclusive bonus 4th DVD)
Son of the Beach Volume 1 Season Box Set **MINT/SEALED**
The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
The Black Stallion
The Claude Chabrol Collection (8 DVD Box Set) **MINT/SEALED**
The Fifth Element (DD version, not superbit)
The Italian Job (2003; Widescreen)
The Man Who Wasn't There
The Meat Puppets: Alive in the Nineties **MINT/SEALED** (punch hole through bar code)
The Money Pit
The Tailor of Panama
The Transporter
Twilight Zone 40th Anniversary Gift Pack (6 DVD Box Set)
Uncensored Hip-Hop Videos Volume 1 **MINT/SEALED**
When We Were Kings
WWE World Wrestling Entertainment RAW Tenth Anniversary **MINT/SEALED**
WWII The Lost Color Archives (2 DVD Box Set) **MINT/SEALED**

DVDs I'm very interested in the following:
People vs. Larry Flint (Special Edition, latest release)
Brain Damage (Numbered Limited Edition)
Do You Believe in Miracles? The Story of the 1980 U.S. Hockey Team
Panic (widescreen)
The Right Stuff SE
Of Unknown Origin
Roger & Me
Mr. Show #3
The Simpsons Season #3
Mr. Baseball (16x9 enhanced, latest release)
An Evening With Kevin Smith
Finding Nemo
National Lampoon's Vacation (20th Anniversary Special Edition)
Looney Tunes The Golden Collection
PCU (low want)
Sleeping Beauty Special Edition
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Special Edition 1984 (latest release)

All are mint in original cases. All DVDs are Region 1, and I live in the U.S., and prefer traders who are also in the continental U.S. (but not required if we can work out a deal). I am a GOLD TRADER on DVDTalk, and on the Good Trader list at the HTF. I also have a perfect feedback rating of 200+ on eBay (inaka).


Randy B A

Supporting Actor
Feb 11, 2002
No problem Mike, I guess I will get around to buying it when it hits a price drop. Later, Randy B A


Supporting Actor
Sep 20, 2000
I am interested in Charlie's Angels Full Throttle UNrated and Italian Job (2003). Please check my trade posts.

Stefan A

Second Unit
May 27, 2001
I don't look at these trade lists very often, so I am not too sure of the etiquette. But, would you be willing to sell The Italian Job?

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